Have you ever felt as though your dyslexia holds you back? 

  • Have you ever felt alone in your experience in the workplace? 
  • Have you ever felt as though you just needed that small amount of reassurance to help you on your journey to becoming your old, passionate and creative self again?

Positive About Dyslexia

When I founded Positive About Dyslexia, my aim was to massively improve the self-esteem and self-belief of my clients and their teams.

My course:

  • Informs
  • ​Educates
  • Actively encourages people who have dyslexia to manage the challenges they face in the workplace by providing them with effective strategies and a sense of solidarity within a peer group. Most importantly,

I want my clients to feel UNDERSTOOD and VALUED.

Do you want to feel


Of course you do!

Once completed, this course enables you to feel more confident in facing your own personal challenges and boost your self-esteem.


  • A competitively priced workplace assessment
  • ​Implementing strategies
  • ​Hours of pre-recorded education
  • ​4 x Weekly group coaching sessions
  • ​Unlimited access to a private community of like-minded people
  • Lifetime access to the course

This course is unlike anything that other businesses are offering!

I choose to focus on practical solutions and realistic strategies. From my years of coaching adults with dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions, I KNOW that these are EFFECTIVE.

As well as looking into reading and writing, I also delve into time-management, and planning, organisation, and even learning to manage the overwhelm and frustration.

This course is a lot more hands-on than other programs and aims to make neurodiversity a more open and comfortable conversation.

Reducing complexity.

Enabling you to take smart actions.

Helping you make better decisions.

Increasing your confidence.

  • Reducing complexity.
  • ​Enabling you to take smart actions.
  • ​Helping you make better decisions.
  • ​Increasing your confidence.
  • ​Encouraging you.

The course structure is extensive and thorough:

  • Dyslexia – the characteristics
  • ​Frustration and overwhelm
  • ​Achieving positive outcomes
  • ​Finding out what’s happening
  • ​Strategies
  • ​The environment
  • ​Technology
  • ​About other people
  • ​Next steps


    To me,you’re not just another “statistic” or a “small cog in a large machine.

    I am offering this course to you for only £147.00.


    Regardless of income or background, everyone who wants to make this transition should be given the opportunity to take this course and change their life.

    I am starting positive discussions about dyslexia, and want YOU to be part of the dialogue. 

    I strongly encourage you to read some of my most recent reviews from some of the companies and employees that I have worked with:

    "The help that guy gave me was second to none having been through a difficult period with my employer and obtaining adjustments in work for my dyslexia, Guy helped me with some fantastic coping strategies and tools that has helped me not only manage my work load, but has helped me thrive in my job role. Looking back on where I was two years ago and where I am now. I am happier, feel more in control not only of my job but in control of myself. The coaching, support and help that guy gave me has helped me get my work and personal life back on track as I am far better at managing my distality.  "

    C. H. - Ammanford

    " Yes, I did find the training and coaching very useful. My handler felt it was good to speak to someone with knowledge on the subject of neurodiversity rather than it always being me. It was also good for both of us then to grow and understand each other better in order to help in his day to day role. It was good having a copy of the content that was discussed after each meeting so I could refer back to it if I ever needed. I am sure my handler was agree it was very beneficial and a good use of time. "

    Ms S. H. - Cardiff

    " Guy instantly put me at ease during the sessions, for a man who had a diagnosis late in life. Our sessions were very flexible, and person-led by me and what I wanted to discuss. The experience was so positive that when i do have the funds again, with Access To Work, I would use the service again and again. "

    Mr J. F. - Maesteg

    " I was diagnosed with dyslexia late in life I had picked up my own coping strategies without really understanding what dyslexia was and how it truly affected me. I found Guy very patient and he helped me learn a lot more about being dyslexic. We worked together building some new techniques to help me complete my work.
    Although the meetings were all virtual Guy provided great support and some unintentional laughter due to technical errors but still provided professional support.  "

    Ms V. S. - Manchester

    " Guy was great on the coaching sessions with myself we cam up with coping strategies to help combat my neurodiversity and dyspraxia, Guy made the information easy to understand and it helped to discuss my struggles with someone outside my company to help me think out side the box.  "

    J. S. - Cardiff

    For those of you who think you’ve tried everything...


    This course aims to:

    • REMOVE the stigma associated with neurodiversity in the workplace.
    • PROVIDE the foundations to help individuals find THEIR solution.
    • PROVE that those who struggle can still achieve their goals over and above what they thought was possible.
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