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Treatment of dyslexia

Specialists-psychologists argue that dyslexic is easy to find in the crowd by her/his face expression, and hunched gait, because for all of his life s/he has been accompanied by negative emotions, the feeling of worthlessness, being neglected by others.

Dyslexia treatment should be carried out as soon as possible right after the diagnosis has been defined. Apart from this fact, the treatment is not possible without the full support of the human environment. In particular, of course, the parents and schoolteachers are taken into account first. Many parents do not really pay attention to the issue, considering that it is not that necessary. However, nothing of the kind! It does not just go like that, and the treatment of dyslexia in adults is extremely difficult to be conducted, and not always can be conducted at all.

Even if child’s dyslexia treatment method has been chosen correctly, it cannot lead to a worthy outcome if the child is not supported, not strengthened her/his faith in her/his abilities, and is not told and made sure about no inferiority of her/him, as s/he is loved and appreciated unconditionally.

In fact, the traditional speech therapy can only ruin the creativity of the child. It is crucial to develop an integrated approach, and to redirect the unusual abilities productively.

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