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Dyslexia schools in Maryland

The Summit School

Lacation The Summit School: 664 east central avenue edgewater, Maryland 21037

Site The Summit School: www.thesummitschool.org

Mission The Summit School: Help gifted students with dyslexia.

About The Summit School: The Summit School is a noncommercial organization, but coeducational school for students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities skills. At the first meeting we evaluate each student and helps to find out who are more in need of help.

Chelsea School

Lacation Chelsea School: Suite 300, 2970 Belcrest Center Drive, Hyattsville, Maryland 20782
Site Chelsea School: www.chelseaschool.edu

Mission Chelsea School: To help every student who needs help..

About Chelsea School: Chelsea School is not public, a non-profit organization for students with dyslexia syndrome. Most of our students are children and mentally retarded patients on ADD / ADHD.

Jemicy School

Lacation Jemicy School: 11 Celadon Road, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
Site Jemicy School: www.jemicyschool.org
Mission Jemicy School:
About Jemicy School:

The Odyssey School

Lacation The Odyssey School: Stevenson, Maryland 21153
Site The Odyssey School: www.theodysseyschool.org
Mission The Odyssey School:

The Odyssey School aims to provide an outstanding academic support and to help to discover the intellectual potential of children who have been diagnosed with any kind of learning difficulties and/or dyslexia. The educational model developed within the school helps children of 5 years old and more to enroll on a course of one of the 8 middle school classes available, along with the kindergarten preparatory class for the youngest students.

The Odyssey School primarily serves as a helper in developing the skills such as critical thinking, academic skills of many kinds, preparing its students for high school. Children in the school are focused on discovering their innovative potential and becoming engaged in social activities via working in small groups with a tutor. Learning here is an enjoyable process accompanied by proven teaching methods. Students are challenged to take risks, solve tasks and meet academic requirements set by their teachers in order to get prepared to future high school and post-secondary education.

About The Odyssey School:

The Odyssey School has began its path in 1993. Back then, the school was built on shared ideas and beliefs of the founders that every child has own learning capabilities and strengths, along with the needs of dyslexic children that parents want to meet. Dedication and hard work made the dream come true, and the innovative multi-grade school for children with specific educational needs was established and approved by local authorities.

Both parents and tutors are committed to bring the joy into the life of the young students, as well as to recognise the talents of their kids, creating the special environment for the studying process. Children now have the unique chance to brighten their academic future.

The Siena School

Lacation The Siena School: 1300 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901
Site The Siena School: www.thesienaschool.org
Mission The Siena School:

The Siena School helps to focus on individual talents and strengths. Staff prepares bright students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia or any other kind of language-based learning difficulty. The students become confident, brave and successful. The educational programs are individualised and of high standard, teachers do their job attentively and professionally. The school provides the students with attention and all the tools and strategies to succeed in reading, speaking, writing and other areas.

Diversified community within the school serves as the basis for the richest learning experience. Each classroom has interactive board, and each student is provided with learning tools such as laptops, books, academic software. Moreover, students are also engaged in sports activities.

The school aims to become a national model.

About The Siena School:

Teachers are the inspiring companions of children, responsible for creating positive learning atmosphere among the students, and supporting them on a daily basis. Children celebrate their successes and work on their mistakes together, they grow and develop social and academic skills in a joyful manner.

Each student is paid enough attention to have all his questions answered and needs met, because both parents and staff engage children in dialogues and group activities. Eventually, students become independent and confident learners ready to take a new turn and discover more abilities and talents themselves.

The school constantly develops educational plans and keeps its eye on the future prospects and technologies arising in the world. The school is flexible in creating challenging programs and opportunities, and types of academic assessment for its students. It’s the place where promising students are met and taken care of by outstanding staff, enrolling the children in various social activities within local community outside the school.

History of Siena School:

The Siena School was founded in 2006. Since then, it offers educational programs for children with language-based learning difficulties.

The school starts with 4th grade and has 9 grades in total. The newcomers with special educational needs have the chance to develop their academic skills such as reading, writing, speaking and maths. There is an approximately equal ratio of girls and boys in the school, all are emotionally healthy and have appropriate behaviour.

The Siena School offers its students preparatory educational programs of various types. The school encourages students of all backgrounds to apply for an individual learning style. Students are admitted regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnic origin or socio-economic status etc.

The staff includes highly educated teachers of local to national levels of expertise, that are aimed at working specifically with students that have language-based learning needs. The Siena School is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools.

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