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Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg’s dyslexia is an example of struggle with being labeled as “retarded” and not developed enough. According to Whoopi’s words, all the tests she passed indicated her to be retarted. However, she was rebelling against this, as she could not believe she was stupid. She says, “I like to be read to, and if you read to me, I can retell everything you read.”

She had even dropped out of school when she was 17. After this, Whoopi was just taking drugs and the only financial source she had was welfare. All this made Ms. Goldberg realize she simply cannot be labeled for the whole life. After several years of struggle, she started standing on her own independent way to success.

Whoopi Goldberg’s dyslexia

Fortunately, Whoopi was always supported by her mother, who believed her daughter would not be just living dreams she can never afford, but will make all the dreams come true. Whoopi’s mother decided to help her daughter grow up to be anything she wants to be, but not doing drugs and living for welfare anymore.

Thusly, Whoopi’s attitude, together with her mother’s support, helped her to recover and find herself on a new way to success.

For now, we see that Caryn Elaine Johnson, better known by her stage name Whoopi Goldberg, is the most successful female entertainer ever. She was the second black woman in the history of the Academy Awards to win an acting Oscar. For her performance, she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress. Moreover, Goldberg has been nominated for 13 Emmy Awards for her work in television: she is an actress, voice actress, comedian, screenwriter, producer, author, singer, songwriter, DJ, talk show host, and political activist. She has written several books as well.

As for the people who were labeling her as a “retardee”, and probably still are, Whoopi is grateful for them giving her the inspiration and motivating her to become the person she is today.

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