Walt Disney

What Walt Disney is known for?

The Walt Disney Company, Disneyland park, Micky Mouse character, comics and cartoons… That is what we should thank Walter Disney for. Walter Elias is one of the most remarkable and well known American producers in the world. During his life, Walter, or simply Walt, has been working as a director, a screenwriter, a voice actor, a showman, hands-on film producer and animator, cartoon artist of newspaper comic strips, as well as the motion picture producer, artist of comic books. Walter was the creator of Disneyland theme park, located in the US, the co-founder of Walt Disney Productions, the powerful corporation founded by him and his brother Roy. Mr. Disney was the owner of the most known animated properties, and not just that.

walt disney dyslexia

Dyslexia of Walt

There are many links on the internet that lead you to stories on walt disney dyslexia, however, he had never suffered from one. Many reputable companies still claim on their websites the fact that Walt Disney had dyslexia, they compose cover stories, learn more about Walt and try their best to show not just the diversity of Walt’s talents, but his disabilities and weaknesses. Each one of these online experts present numerous ideas on how to treat dyslexia in case you are talented, but what if that is the key? Walt is remembered for dyslexia, which doesn’t change anything about his extraordinary way of thinking and seeing things, creativity of his mind and brilliantly vivid imagination. The experts still investigate Walt’s problem seeking for some facts unknown before. However, we know already, that dyslexics may be bright, they may be a never ending source of ideas and projects themselves. Learning and reading difficulties would never be an obstacle on their creative path. Eventually, no matter how bright Walt was, he was not dyslexic, and probably there were some other reasons for this, but they are not a subject of our interest right now.

Was it a disease?

So what is dyslexia and how can one tell if that’s not the case?

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that causes problems with reading, writing and especially spelling. Unlike a learning disability, intelligence isn’t affected. So as long as Walt was a script writer and a voice actor, it is more likely he faced none of the above. Also, dyslexics struggle with planning and organization, and find it very difficult to carry out a sequence of tasks. An owner of a few profitable businesses worldwide, Walt seems to be pretty aware and certain about his organizational skills, as well as successful at his planning and management affairs.

The truth

One of the cover stories, written by Times Magazine, tells readers about the number of prominent artists, performers, and scientists who suffered from dyslexia. Editors gave readers some understanding about dyslexia and pointed to celebrities who are dyslexics. Walt Disney was also on the list. But he never was dyslexic. Moreover, he never made any reference himself as to having reading or writing difficulties. Time said that the magazine just carried out some online research and collected information from reputable sources of public data, and that is how the list appeared. As a matter of fact, there is no approved information about Walt that he ever had dyslexia, neither during his childhood, nor during his business career. The reality is, Walt was speaking fluently, even though he had some learning difficulties in school due to fatigue. Walt worked a lot and had multiple jobs at the same time. Work was taking a lot of time, so young Walter definitely had a lack of time and physical ability to manage his tasks. But he was not dyslexic. In case Walt Disney truly suffered from the syndrome, he would suit perfectly for another role model for the young people fighting with their disease.

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