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American actor Thomas Cruise Mapother is an award-winning artist who is well known all over the world for his roles. He starred in challenging movies such as ‘Vanilla Sky,’ ‘Magnolia,’ and ‘The Last Samurai.’ In the 1990’s Thomas’ his life has got a new turn, he got married to an Australian and American actress Nicole Kidman, adopted her 2 children.

The couple met on the set of Days of Thunder in 1990 when she was 23 and he was 28. They co-starred and worked jointly in movies “November”, “The Queen”, “The Others”, “Eyes Wide Shut”, “Far and Away”, and, of course, “Days of Thunder”. Tom has brilliantly starred in the movies ‘Taps’ in 1981, ‘Risky Business’ in 1983, ‘Born on the Fourth of July’ in 1989, ‘Jerry Maguire’ in 1996, ‘Mission Impossible’ trilogy and many others.

Tom Cruise dyslexia

Tom Cruise is also known not only for acting and being the most powerful celebrity of 2006 according to Forbes. They have so called ‘Tom Cruise Day’ in Japan. In addition, Tom has a company called Cruise/Wagner Productions. This is an American independent film production company.
But is there a story behind his fame which we never heard about?

Dyslexia keeps him on track

When Thomas was 7 years old, he was diagnosed as dyslexic, and this affected his future life path a lot. He developed own unique methods of dealing with reading and spelling issues that helped him a lot. Cruise has never stopped fighting with the disease thanks to his career and studies that required him to keep moving on. Seeing Tom on the stage, no one has any doubt concerning his acting skills and the flawless way he delivers his lines. However, there is certainly a long story behind the success.

To start with…

In his early years Thomas tried to avoid talking and even thinking about his dyslexia, but once he started focusing on those problems, everything fell into place. Tom has spent months and thousands of dollars hiring specialists for himself privately, bringing in tutors and hearing that he should just accept himself the way he is and learn how to deal with that. All the teachers tried to teach him, but no one gave him an idea on how to fight the symptoms and find his own unique pattern of schooling. No one seemed to know the solution to the problem.

A secret

In fact, Tom inherited dyslexia from his mother. She worked in educational sphere, so Tom attended three different schools all over the US. As we already know, he could barely read his first lines and always tried his best hiding his dyslexia from peers. Every new schoolmates of his were expected to make fun of young Tom, so he never felt comfortable making new friends. He kept his disease as the most precious secret, but the truth was supposed to be eventually revealed.

First steps on the road to success

When due to the leg injury Tom couldn’t attend his physical class at school anymore, he decided to try acting. He early career was definitely a challenge. He had to train myself to focus attention. He has never let his dyslexia stand in the way of his acting career. The first breakout roles made him known for his brilliant skills of acting, and the every effort of his was appreciated by public. Tom said once that he had to become very visual and those images he created in his mind were indeed helpful.

A revelation…

Tom’s secret is rather simple. Even though by the end of the page that he was reading he could barely remember what he just read, he tried his best to concentrate on what he was dealing with. He was working on his skills for a long time, absorbed his characters` personalities while acting, and simply improvised.

Tom said once: “I don’t want people to go through what I went through. I want kids to have the ability to read, to write, to understand what people are saying to them, to be able to solve life’s problems.”Cruise’s infectious optimism not just once has inspired the dyslexics to develop their own methods to cope with the disability. His secret is dedication and hard work.

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