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How to overcome dyslexia

Overcoming dyslexia requires hard work and perseverance. Students who suffer from dyslexia have difficulties in reading, writing and pronunciation. This can make tasks completion slow and heavy. To overcome dyslexia, you have to read and write every day. If you make an at least a weekly break in the studies, it could significantly drop you back, undoing the progress that you have already achieved.

Find a good teacher. The teacher who is working with people with dyslexia will evaluate the extent of your inability to learn, and will pick up the strategies that will help you improve your skills. It will help you in tracking your progress, as well as provide you with countenance. Each case of dyslexia is different, so you will do better working with a teacher personally.

Work on dyslexia daily. Dyslexics tend to lose acquired reading and writing skills quickly, if they do not practice on a daily basis. Work on the familiar words, the spelling, decoding, and other skills, mastering of which is not an easy task, every day as much as possible.

Discuss your dyslexia with your teachers or professors. As long as dyslexia makes the process of reading and writing slow down, you may need more time to complete tasks and control works. Your teacher may also agree to reduce your workload.

Consider switching to an individual learning plan. If you study in school, begin to prepare for the transition to this plan.

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