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Dyslexia in adults

Adults Americans are much affected by dyslexia. The number of people struggling with the disease has reached over 42 million US adults. To see what the cause of such a disease is, we have to distinguish the root meaning. The word itself comes from the Greek language. It actually means “difficulty with words”. In fact, all the spelling, writing and reading issues originate from dyslexia.

Peculiarities of adult age dyslexia

One has to be aware of the fact that adults can act confusing while writing or reading. This starts with the manner of holding the pen, cause they may be ambidextrous, which makes them confused with one of the hands. And not only that, but the tasks to be executed are usually completed later than expected. Dyslexia and IQ level are not connected much. There are a lot of famous dyslexics we know that have presented their brilliant ideas to the world. Among them are Albert Einstein, Pierre Curie, and many other Nobel Prize winners. History of America can tell a lot about struggle with dyslexia famous artists and scientists faced.

dyslexia help for adults

Where is the key?

If an adult wants to study math or chemistry, or simply to improve reading and spelling skills, there are a few learning approaches available. Those self-help programs are helpful enough for adults to feel comfortable with the symptoms of dyslexia and overcome it as soon as possible, even if dyslexia lasts since their childhood. Adult dyslexics think with images, not words, so these self-help techniques provide with ability to clarify mind and reduce multiple kinds of stress doubling the positive effect.

Mental effects of dyslexia

However, symptoms vary. Dyslexics may be not happy with their assistants at work who are supposed to do all the writings and paper work instead of their supervisor. This can result in compulsive disorder and conflicts, especially if the type of work staff is involved in is an under-stress or high risk one. Dyslexics get overwhelmed, angry, confused with themselves, they lack self-esteem and motivation.

Dyslexia today

Nowadays, dyslexics are supported by their families and state governments. In America, every public school for dyslexia is under federal law to give a testing to adult dyslexia. Those who suspect any symptoms of dyslexia are able to take special tests in order to not to be fooled with suspicions and stop second guessing their health. There is no way you can ignore such disabilities.


Symptoms vary from person to person. All the adult dyslexics are different in their behaviour caused by disease, but there is plenty of techniques to apply in order to improve your health.. Your task is to take responsibility for your health.

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