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Correction of dyslexia by Ronald Davis

The traditional system of speech therapy sessions for the dyslexia correction involves working on all the aspects of infringed speech, as well as on non-speech processes.

Thus, in the case of phonemic dyslexia, the emphasis is to be put on correcting defects of sounds pronunciation, development of fully-fledged phonemic processes, formation of ideas about sound-letter-syllabic words composition.

Semantic dyslexia requires the development of syllabic synthesis, refinement and enrichment of vocabulary, mastering grammatical rules implementation in a child’s speech.

In the case of agrammatical dyslexia, it is necessary to form the child’s grammatical systems of words formation and inflection.

Mnestic dyslexia requires the development or audio-verbal and speech-vision memory.

Optical dyslexia requires carrying out working on the development of visual-spatial concepts, visual analysis and synthesis; in the case of tactile dyslexia, one has to work on differentiation of tactic perception of objects and schemes, development of spatial imagination.

An unconventional approach to the correction of dyslexia was proposed by Ronald D. Davis in his methodology, suggesting giving the printed words and symbols the mental expression, through which the gaps in perception are eliminated.

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